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Winter 05-06 (first winter): Since Christmas we have had the cabin booked for more than 60 days, and our short evaluation is: Besides a few days with frozen pipes, the cabin worked fine. The pens and the local trails was everything we hoped for, and some more! >>
23.07.05 Went river rafting... photoalbum updated.
17.07.05 Photoalbum updated with photos from a great working weekend with friends. Building pens for more than twenty dogs!!

02.07.05 Photoalbum updated
24.05.05 The Sörberget-link is updated with a few indoor-photos.

12.05.05 Going to Sweden to get the keys to our cabin!!

29.04.05 Today we signed the papers. We bought our own Winter Wonderland... a little red wooden cabin at SÖRBERGET near Särna in Sweden, 900km north of our Danish home.

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