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24.01.14 Our leaddog Frost 'n' fun IQ is now ready for breeding. Eyes checked today, all clear :-) The chosen male is Neimans Finnen (S65702/2009), SILVER medal at the European Championship and 2 x GOLD at the Swedish Championship. Finnen is from a Swedish kennel owned by Marie Israelsson.
Please contact (+45 27218538) for further information.

23.01.14 Danish Championship this weekend is cancelled because of icy tracks.

31.12.13 Happy New Year!

01.08.13 Planned litter: Frost 'n' fun IQ.
Please contact for further information.

12.02.12 Michael and Lotte training for competition next weekend in Nornäs - Nicole skiing with old Tosca and our 'Polar Sleddog Whippet', Diamond :)

23.01.12 Now 3 weeks of speed-training starts. Next competition is in Nornäs 18-19. Feb, where we will have one 8-dogs-team and maybe one 6- (or 8) dogs team competing.

20-22.01.12 Nordic Open Championship, Åsarna Sweden.
Day 3 (mass-start): Among the first three teams as the starters flag went down, but in the first curve our team was stuck in between the fence and an other team. Result... not worth publishing, but great fun!!
(photo will follow)
Day 2: Just not 'our race :)
Day 1: Snowing all day made the trail tough (finish time 24:47). Joker surprised us... did not do as well as in training. Had to slow down the whole team downhill, and didn't like the take over. Had a really bad one... a huge cloud of snow 'attacked' him, when the other team hit the brake with too much power when Joker passed - think maybe that spooked him
(video from the passing will follow) The inexperienced team considered, they did a fine job >>

19.01.12 The 8 dogs for our two teams competing in the 'Nordic Open' starting tomorrow. are chosen. Team 1) Max-Joker, Jack-Ninja and team 2) Fox-Junior, Gibson-Mike. Team 1 is a bit of a test. Two very young dogs in lead position and also.. this will be Ninja's first race ever.

13.01.12 Evaluating first week on snow for our youngest... Falcon (from Patrick Logeais, Riders of free Spirit, France), Kessler, Kevin and Wolf 'Buller' (from K-litter) - we are not disappointed. They are all very fast, focused and hardworking. Of 'the old dogs' one really surprised us. Fox seemed a bit 'old and tired' in Denmark, but his is really doing a fantastic job back on snow - keeping up 100% with the young dogs - think he will come to Nordic Open >>

08.01.12 Wolves on our track >>
Looking forward to testing great new gear... the action-cam GoPro Hero2

07.01.12 Finally some snow training. We and the dogs in training (17 of our 18 siberians) will stay in our house in Särna, Sweden until March. First Championship is Nordic Open 20-21-22th of January - day 3 with a mass-start for the first time, exciting :)

Happy New Year 2012!! 

03.12.11 'Our dogs' updated, pix and pedigrees.
A few dogs still available - for posting or sale. See news from 20th of Aug.

27.11.11 First race this winter. We competed with three teams …and ¼ of a team. Michael in the 4-dog class (Q and Jack (lead) and Max and Joker), Michael – and Sven Frederiksen in the mtb-class (M: Fox/S: Rocket). Alaska went with Brian Jalsings team in the 4-dog class. Brian finished #3. Sven finished #2, Michael finished, both classes #1.
And (once again) TRACK RECORD!!

20.08.11 Young dogs (from I- J- K-litter) available for serious kennels!!
They are sisters/brothers to SE(polar)CH 'Gibson', Q and Max, our excellent leaddogs, all tested in international Championships. They are all out of the very best Siberian Husky bloodlines (line breed/racing SH). Age: 1-3½ years old. If you are interested... mail us

For a season with a minimum of training, only 350kilometres - because of work, we are pretty satisfied with the results :)

06.03.11 At the Danish Championship (off snow) Michael competed in the 8-dogs class, and led big time - 1:03 minutes to the nearest hounds-team, 1:32 to next siberians-team - but after a few kilometers in 2nd heat one of the (almost new) tires was flat ;( lost of course a lot of time and finished bronze. Peter drove with the 'left over' and finished bronze. In the MTB class Michael and 'good old Boogie' (Rocket) won GOLD.
22.02.11 Back in Denmark... next competition is the Danish Champion ship 5-6th of march. Will compete in mtb class and in the 8 dogs class...

19-20.02.11 Nornäs, Sweden, SPHK SHAM-Draget 'Racemästerskap' SILVER medal, and more important... 1st prize 'meritering' (sleddog test) for three new dogs, Q, Max, Mike. The team was: SE(polar)CH Coldfeet Fox, Frost 'n' fun IQ, SE(polar)CH Frost 'n' fun Heartbreaker 'Gibson', Frost 'n' fun Just Max, Frost 'n' fun Hitchhiker 'Mike', SE(polar)CH Frost 'n' fun HiJack.

30.11.10 A lot of snow in our garden – the dogs love it >>

28.11.10 Off-snow-race in DK… but with a lot of snow!!! >>
Michael and 'the four' won BIG TIME (despite the fact that our new breaks were frozen so the wheels wouldn’t spin. New learning: A top tuned high-end race cart is NOT made for snow racing!!). No competition at all... with a total of 10 minutes of time distance to #2 our team finished #1

01.11.10 Four fat puppies :) 2nd litter after SE(polar)CH Frost ‘n’ fun Heartbreaker ‘Gibson’ x Petruschka’s Spectre. One female, Kimba, for Wolfgang & Petra Polaszek, Germany - the 3 boys Wolf (in German, after his grand-grand-father), Kevin and Kessler for us >>

31.10.10 Daldorf Germany, first race this season… for the third year in a row Michael and our 4 dogs team finished #1.
Our 6 dogs team came in third. We started last year with new co-lead, Max (J-litter, now 2 years old after Gibson-Spec), and he just keeps on impressing us this season. The race in Daldorf is very ‘crowded’ as it is taking place in a kind of Zoo with a lot of other animals, guests, dogs, horses etc. on the track. Max is 100% focused and hardworking in his lead position, and keeping up high speed as well of course >>

13.09.10 If you want to improve a smart way of doing it, is by looking for dogs from kennels making better results than you :-) Patrick Logeais won both the European - and the World Champion ship in Open Class last year. Therefore we went 1000 kilometers to Christof Diehls place to meet with Patrick & Sylvie and picked up Falcon. His is out of very good bloodlines (close line breeding) and we think it will be a great match to our bloodlines. First contact with the people behind this kennel was 3 years ago... two of ‘our dogs’ are living with Patrick/Sylvie in France, Coffee from our I-litter and Diesel from our J-litter.
Thank you Patrick and Sylvie ...and HUGE WELCOME to Falcon from the To Riders of free spirit kennel, France.

24.07.10 Girl-trip to crazy days in Särna, Snow mobile …Water Cross >>

06.06.10 A few puppies from excellent racing bloodlines are available for reservation. SE(polar)CH Frost 'n' fun Heartbreaker (Gibson) x Stalos Akla. See parents, pedigree and the 6 weeks old puppies >>
01.04.10 Meet our first Whippet... He is from kennel Magic Colour, Stockholm Sweden. Huge welcome to Diamond
07.03.10 Now also confirmed by FCI/Swedish Kennel Club… We have 4 new Champions!! Fox, Gibson, Jack and Rocket are SE (POLAR)CH

31.02.10 Competing in the 6 dogs class at the WSA World Championship in Oberwiesentahl, Germany. The keywords for this championship would be: RAIN, FOG, FUN, RAIN and …WOW!! Read more... >>

And GREAT to finally meet the family behind the French kennel 'To Riders of Free Spirit', who bought Frost ‘n’ fun Irish Coffee & Diesel from us.
HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Patrick Logeais ...leading your Open class team to a gold medal - WSA World Champion 2010!! >> (8mb)
23.02.10 IMPORTANT!! We had some email-problems during the last two weeks. Please email us again if you haven't heard from us!
21.02.10 Decided a week ago to use the SH championship in Nornäs Sweden as our own 'qualifying competition' for the 8 dogs we picked for our 6 dogs-WC-team. We needed to see how our young dogs would react in competition. The distance for 8-dogs class is not ‘our distance’ as we train the dogs for max 10-12 km, so we knew we couldn’t keep up the avr.speed for this race. Had a few other challenges on the track as well, but every incident on the 30 km made us ‘wise’ on the 8 dogs (had 10 passings, a crash, lost track, several anchor-hookup... NOT typical heats in competition). TEAM in lead-position Fox and Q (father/daughter). Swing: Gibson and Max (father/son). Team: Jack and Mike (brothers), Wheel: Rocket and Alaska (brother/sister). Thank you 'SHAM' for another great weekend in Nornäs :) Jenki Lindgren won, Bengt-Åke Sjölund took bronze – our 8-dogs team: SILVER >>
19.02.10 Josefin Andersson & Joakim Pettersson’s Stalos Akla was visiting Gibson today. Puppies are expected end of April. Some of these puppies will be available for reservation, see parents & pedigree >>

07.02.10 Championship (Polarhundsmästerskapet) in Särna. With only 10 seconds to gold... finished SILVER >>
DAY2 The track was better/faster today (3 minutes faster than yesterday on the 10km track). The team worked hard on the rough challenging track- just didn't have the speed for the last 1½km. The four dogs (Fox-Gibson-Rocket-Jack) should have the S(polar)CH-title now. Waiting for the official approval from SPHK/Swedish kennel Club :-)
DAY1 Sorry SPHK GD, but this track was a disaster!! We know these tracks very well, and they could have been fantastic… only ups/downs and curves for 10km, wide, hard and fast as a highway – and last but not least… very challenging and fun for both dogdriver and dogs. But with all the snow in the late January, it is just not good enough to start making the tracks only a few days before the race. It has nothing to do with a sprintrace if you lose your dogs in half a meter of soft/fluffy snow. Anyway… as a wise man said after this first heat… the best team will still win… Our 4-dogs team finished #1 after this first heat. Great teamwork guys >>

31.01.10 A Ninja is moving in :-) '..our dogs' updated.
24.01.10 There is a first time for everything :-) >>
21.01.10 New racing dog - new breed at the kennel soon. Waiting for it to be born, stay tuned… :-)

20.01.10 WANTED: new loving home for Hunter!!
Hunter is a 4 years old female. She is litter-sister to Gibson, Jack, Mike.. (first Fox-Tosca litter), but unfortunately she does not perform at the same level when it comes to top-speed and focus as the rest of our dogs. She is of course in training and her position is typically team/swing. Hunter is a sweet, playful, happy and positive dog. She is accustomed to living outdoors, but likes the couch, too. She never tried to be alone and will probably not thrive to live indoor. Please email if you are interested. MEET HUNTER

16.01.10 We decided to ‘gamble’ with our Nordic Open team!!!
Fox is not ready to compete this weekend. Our smallest female, Q (and Gibson) will be leading. Q is the same bloodlines as the rest of the team - a sister to Jack, Gibson, only younger. Q was on our 6-six-dogs team in Germany last season and did great. She is only 14kg (definitely not the typical choice for a 4-dogs team!!), but focused and quite fast. According to the weather-report for the upcoming weekend, the track should turn out fast, so the size of one dog shouldn’t matter that much. This will be Q’s first competition on snow... >>
SATURDAY A lot of fast teams in the beginning of the starting list – for some reason our team should start as the very last. With only 1 minute between each team we probably should pass slower teams on the track. It’s very difficult not to lose important time when you are passing – and to be honest... we did not know how Q would react during and after a passing. But we didn’t have to worry, she did fantastic. Unfortunately Michael had to stop to untangle a wheeldog, but still they finished #2, with only ONE second to #1 (Marie Israelsson). Top speed 40, avr.speed 28kph. Finished the 9,9km Nordic-Open-track in the time 22:00, very satisfied!
SUNDAY Great startingposition today. No two in the class – an only one sec. to no 1. Something to chase :-) The track was slower today and for some reason the dogs didn’t keep speed for the last 2000 meters. Anyway this was a great experience with Q – and the rest of the team. They can perform, even without our main-leader, Fox. Final result (13 sec behind no 1) the Nordic Open Championship 2010… SILVER
08.01.10 Preparing for the Nordic Open Championship in Åsarna. The team is doing great …until Fox (main-leaddog) lost a nail, now what?? :-(

01.01.10 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Snow training. We will stay in Särna, Sweden, for the next couple of months - until a few days before the WSA World Championship in Germany >>

25.10.09 Seasons first (and only) off-snow competition was in Daldorf, Germany this weekend (the race with tracks in a mini-zoo). Peter went with a 6-dogs team ‘just for fun’ (and took the wrong turn :/ finished #7) – and Michael with a 4 dogs team ‘just to win’, finished #1 (27,5kph) >>

04.10.09 A lot has happened since last “our dogs”-update… Will be updated soon!! Status is that we have 20 dogs in the kennel (incl. our two showhuskies)16 dogs in training, 10-12 of them for competitions. We started training of our two young dogs from the Gibson-Spec-litter, Joker and Max… all needed to be said is: WOW!!

12.09.09 Went to Bjursås, Sweden to pick up the Swedish SH Cup 2008-2009 prize for our 4-dogs-team :-)
And to show Fox, Rocket and Jack in the working-dog-class for Karsten Grønås. Hopefully they - and Gibson - will be able to finish the S(polar)CH this upcoming season.

22.08.09 Latest investment.. brand new super-light, high quality 4 wheel race cart for off-snow-competitions from >>

12.04.09 Dogs summer holiday :-) >>

06.04.09 End of season. Snow is melting fast in Sweden and way too hot for training sledddogs in Denmark now. Could have been a total distance of 10.000 kilometers if each dog had run separately :-) Another fantastic winter has shown us that we are doing ‘something’ right …we will continue developing in this direction. Fox, Gibson, Rocket and Jack took 1.prize (working-dog-test) in all the races we participated in. This was also our first season testing our Fox-Tosca son, Gibson in lead-position …couldn’t have done better - not as much as one commando- or passing-fault in the 13 heats :-)
We are very satisfied with the breeding we did on Spec-Gibson. The puppies are good looking and last but not least.. they have some great movement. Promising!!

26.03.09 A very sad day… Our first Siberian of own breed, and leader of the pack, Bonzo died today, 12½ years old. Bonzo got a fatal brain bleeding this afternoon - the vet. confirmed damage in his brain coursing blindness and balance problems - and maybe some more we couldn’t see. Therefore we decided to give him peace… >>

15.02.09 Last race this season – Swedish Siberian Husky Championship in Nornäs. Only half an hour drive from our house, this is like racing in our backyard :) Great tracks, great weather, strong competitors. Once again our team finished #1 after first heat, but.. was once again overtaken by Marie Israelsson and finished 2 >>

Nothing official yet, but… would be surprised if we didn’t finish 2nd in the Swedish Siberian Husky Cup 2008-2009.

08.02.09 Michael is competing with our 4 dogs team in The Swedish Championship in Gafsele in the northern part of Sweden. A very well planned and organized race. We had two (of three) fantastic heats, but unfortunately we ran into some problems on the track in the 3th heat. Finished #4 with ’the fantastic four’ >>

04.02.09 Unfortunately.. seems to be a problem with some of the finish-times from Sunday in Hamra. The list of results is now, 3 days over, updated - we can see changes in both the 4- and 6 dog class!? Status right now: we do not know what has happened - and we don't know what will happen ...will consequences follow?

02.02.09 Fantastic snow conditions in Särna again :-) >>

01.02.09 Competing with our 4 dogs team in The Swedish Championship for Polar Dogs 'Svensk Polarhundsmästerskap' in Hamra, Sweden - around 100 teams, 16 of them in the 4 dogs class Siberians.
SATURDAY Some new snow - and a very hilly trail (+/-100 meters) made this first heat a little slow and very tough. Our team finished #1 in 25:38 with 25 seconds to #2 Marie Israelsson in 26:03.
SUNDAY Very cold today, between 18-25 degrees of frost, but great snow conditions!! After some confusion regarding the starting time of the 4 dogs class, our team had a fine 2nd heat in 24:14 - that gave us GOLD!! Great job guys!! >>
And of course :-) ...must have passed the Swedish ‘working-dog-test 3’ - another 1prize should be to Fox, Gibson, Rocket and Jack
14.01.09 GREAT news from the Swedish Club of Polar breeds… we passed the Swedish ‘working-dog-test 3’, 1st prize ‘meritering’: Fox, Gibson, Rocket, Jack - all family by the way ...brothers/sons :-) >>

13.01.09 After searching for good snow we finally found a short, but very hilly track (+/-110meters!!). It's half way up a little mountain near our house. We have to bring snow-mobile, the ‘track-maker’, the dogs, sled, everything in the car and drive to the area >>

12.01.09 Snow conditions…. only one word will do: Disaster!! >>
After Lillholmsjö we came back to plus-degrees, no snow, only ice :( With only a few weeks until next race, Hamra Sweden, we have to spend the next couple of days praying for some new snow - and searching for non-icy places to train the dogs…

11.01.09 Seasons first snow-race was five hours drive further north from Särna to Lillholmsjö, Sweden. An ‘open’ race, with around 100 teams competing.
We hoped to be able to compete with some of the young dogs (14 months) in the 6-dogs-class, but the minimum age for this race was 18 months. And maybe that wasn’t so bad after all ..actually we had more than enough to do during the racing-days ‘nursing’ the 4 dogs-team and the rest of the 15 dogs we brought to Lillholmsjö.
The 4-dogs-class was huge - 40-45 teams - 22 of them Siberian-teams.
FRIDAY: The dogs, Fox-Gibson, Rocket-Jack (and Mike as standby-dog) passed the Vet.check - and were ready to race Saturday afternoon…
SATURDAY: At the finish line our team had ‘a little friendly battle’ with another team, very exciting. After 2½ passing we finished 21:07 (9,5km). With the exact same time for Marie Israelsson this gave us a split 1st.
SUNDAY: Our dogs still seemed very ‘fit’ after the first heat, not tired at all. We hoped to get the starting time after Marie today, as the list of results were shown in that order, but… of course, had to start first. Unfortunately our team had to make a full stop after 2½ km to un-tangle - and was overtaken a few kilometers later, of course, by Marie’s four fast dogs.
Final result: Marie Israelsson, then our team, then Helen Israelsson.
Anyway the dogs worked very hard and made every passing without any problems... Well done guys :-) >>

Despite the bad stakeout area (because of plus degrees some days ago it was pure ice and grass) it was a fine race with great trail/marking, well organized.. Thank you SPHK NN. And also Thank You Nina, Anja, Jesper, Jan and Steven for some great hours in Lundsjön!

31.12.08 We have the most perfect snow conditions for training… enough snow, a lot of sun and between 10 - 30 degrees of frost >>

23.12.08 We bought our first Danler Hornet XC last year, and experienced this fantastic sled... This year we changed my old Danler European Open to another Hornet XC - and even with this brand new developed ‘glide booster’ system. Thank You Ernst Danler for another great deal.

22.12.08 We finished the playground... now with a gate >>

20.12.08 Spending Christmas - and the rest of the winter - in Sweden. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

24.11.08 More than a week of intensive care and treatment at the Vet. Hospital (eye-specialists) did not work... Seri's cornea and tear channel could not be fixed - she also had a very high and increasing pressure in her eye. Seri also suffered from epilepsy, therefore we decided to give her peace today. Seri was 8 years old. She was always a very positive and happy sleddog, not very strong, but very fast >>

23.11.08 At this first winter day - with snow!! - we went to our first off-snow race in Denmark this season. The ”DSHK November-race”. We competed in two classes, the mtb-class, with two females 'good old' Takhini & Alaska. And in the 4-dogs class with Fox & Gibson (son) in lead position. Rocket & Jack wheel (brother of Fox and another son). TRACK RECORDS for both teams …the 4-dogs team even twice!! >>
21.11.08 Puppies now 7 weeks old - a lot of pix from a day in the garden >>
01.11.08 Gibson & Spectre's 9 puppies are now 4 weeks old >>
26.10.08 Dramatic, but also a GREAT weekend in Germany. Winning the 4-dogs class and "stress-testing" our young dogs in Daldorf >>
04.10.08 Gibson x Spec had 9 puppies >>

World Championship 3-9 of March 2008, WSA...


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