Frost 'n' fun siberians DK

MENU ROCKET S(polar) CH Cold feet Rocket
D.o.b., sex 26.03.2003, male
Eyes, hips NA


Jarvik's Triton Trinity Kennel's O-Grey Wolf Trinity Kennel's Bugs
Fortsalongs Diamond
Jarvik's Czardas Alka-Shan's Callico
Snowtrails Sandra
Klujutjevskajas Selma Lagerlöf Kljutjevskajas Börje Kljutjevskajas Elektroden
Kljutjevskajas Bonnie
Kljutjevskajas Lotus Huligana Snowtrails Speedy-Chuck
Snowtrails Northenlight


Rocket and his litter brother Fox are also known as our little wolves, because of their behavior in our pack. They both are SO clear and original, like youngsters in a pack of wolves. Absolutely no source of conflict. Full of energy and hardworking in any position in the team. Rocket is part of the permanent crew of our "dream team", wheel position or co-lead.

Sleddog test 'Polarhundprov3' S(polar)CH
1. prize Särna '10
1. prize  Nornäs '09
1. prize  Gafsele '09
1. prize  Hamra '09
1. prize  Lillholmsjö '09

RACE RESULTS  (only Championships are listed):
GOLD mtb class Danish Championship OffSnow (DPHK '11)
SILVER 8-dogs Swedish SH Championship (SPHK '10)
SILVER 4-dogs Nordic Open (SPHK '10)
SILVER 4-dogs Swedish SH Championship (SPHK '09)
SILVER 4-dogs Swedish Championship (SPHK '09)
7th in the 4-dogs World Championship (WSA '08)
BRONZE4-dogs Swedish Championship (SPHK '08)
GOLD 4-dogs Swedish Championship (SPHK '08), lead
in the 6-dogs Swedish Championship OffSnow (SPHK '07)
SILVER 4-dogs DC (SPHK Nordic Open '04)
BRONZE 8-dogs Danish Championship (DSHK '06)




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