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MENU HAPPY Donachja Happy Stars Red Wolf
D.o.b., sex 26.04.1995, female
Eyes, hips Clear of PRA/Cataract, A (=excellent)


Vega Stars Vangriffe Vega Stars Bajan of Nahani Frosty Aire's Farenheit
Goosak's Girl Nahani of goosak
Lise Do Gurunga Kiev Do Gurunga
Arthur's Lorena of Snieg
Vega Stars Zayana Vega Stars Icaro Frosty Aire's Farenheit
Berioska Del Meira
Tassia of Red Wolf Denver of Snowmass
Fairbanks Decicive Dream


Happy is often seen in the showring. She is an 'upper size' female, but anyway she became Danish Champion in only 8 months, she is Senior of the Year 2002. As easy as she is in the showring, she is  NOT very easy to handle when racing. Takes two persons to keep her from "getting lost" in the gangline. When working she has her good and bad days... best when the speed is low or uphill. Team position: wheel/team. Happy is the mother of Duke. She is no longer working in harness.

Danish Champion and Senior of the Year 2002!!!

2006: Happy died of old age.


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