Frost 'n' fun siberians - for Show and Snow !!

MENU DUKE Frost 'n' fun Duke of Red Wolf
D.o.b., sex 13.10.1999, male
Eyes, hips  


Schusundras Dempsey Chukchi Dinky Huskygaardens Ooloo
Chukchi Tamara
Nuggi Michi
Chukchi Seppa
Donachja Happy Stars Red Wolf Vega Stars Vangriffe Vega Stars Bajan of Nahani
Lise Do Gurunga
Vega Stars Zayana Vega Stars Icaro
Tassia of Red Wolf


Our 'little pony'. BIG, but very cute - a really nice dog. Because of his size he has run more kilometres than the rest of our dogs to be "fit" for the longer distances. He is a strong, very hardworking and stabile dog. Great uphill :-)) Team position: wheel and sometimes co-lead.

2005: Duke is now staying at kennel

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